Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post-cruise, we all piled back into the bus to head back from Louisiana to Michigan. This ride, as one may imagine, was a little calmer than the way down to New Orleans. I think we even watched Dancing with the Stars, which was weird considering our motley crew.

Upon arriving back in Detroit at 7 a.m. Tuesday, the 12th, I really can't remember what we did. All I know is that we ended up at a 1:00 Tiger game in the warm sunshine and there was both coffee and beer involved.

I'd like to note three things about this photo of Paws and child here:

1. I was more interested in Paws than that child (Aaron asked me if I wanted to get my picture taken with Paws, but I sheepishly declined).

2. A woman is pulling his tail (is that the same as pulling someone's leg?).

3. Aaron taught that kid how to stick her tongue out at people, much to her father's dismay.



Aaron said...

I would never teach a kid to do something like that :-p

Alli Harvey said...

Not alone at least! I helped too!