Wednesday, April 06, 2011

After the RS show, Greg and I still had a few beers left in our six-pack, so we decided to park it in front of one of the food trucks along South Congress as we headed back toward Roger. While we did have beer, we did not have an opener. Greg, being a smoker (thank goodness), saved the day by having his lighter handy.

Fun fact: this is where I learned to open a beer with a lighter while waiting for our sweet potato fries. I've done it with a radio, but never with a lighter. Next time I will work on not cutting myself.

Bleeding or not, I think I told Greg that I was "sooo happy!!" no less than 100 times. Why? Because I was so absurdly happy. Not only was I with a great new friend, I was surrounded by music, I had good food, good beer and warm air with a cool breeze. I was in heaven.

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