Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's always cool when you get to do a photo shoot with friends. Both Rog and Shasta are great friends of mine and we had a blast. Shas and I aren't in many frames together, but here are two of them.

Oh and by the by... you know how I said we returned all the clothes in that post below? Well, I lied. I own those shorts now.

The, uh, pegasus fringe top? Not so much.

Photos by Roger Kisby

Shasta and me/Salton Sea/CA/5.1.12

Friday, June 08, 2012

We were going for a more flowing look on the skirt. I blame Macy's. We had about 45 minutes to do our style shopping for this shoot. Pretty much everything worn was purchased and returned. Except for Roger's denim shirt... which inspired me to go buy my own awesome denim shirt. It will take me years to get it to look like Roger's... or perhaps I'll just give it to one of the guys on the steel crew over a few tours. That'll get it good and dirty!

Photo by Roger Kisby

Me!/Salton Sea/CA/5.1.12

Thursday, June 07, 2012

So by now you may be wondering, where did these really awesome cars come from? Funny story. 

It all starts in the parking lot of that fine dining establishment, the Ski Inn, a few posts down. We see a really awesome rusty blue truck in the lot. We ask some people getting into their cars if they know who owns the truck. They don't know, but they say that the bartender will. We proceed inside. Roger asks bartender. Bartender points to a table in the back. Kindly middle-aged couple is sitting at the table. Roger walks over to see if he can rent the truck for a few hours. The gentleman says, "Sure, I fix old cars for a living. I have a lot more back at my place. We're done eating, if you want to see the rest, follow me."

So. We did. And that top photo is one of my favorites from the shoot. Pretty rad, right?

Photos by Roger Kisby

Shasta/Salton Sea/CA/5.1.12

Ms. Shasta in Salton Sea, California. Roadside flare in hand. It was a pretty cool idea on Roger's part with the exception of, as you can imagine, the heat and the chunks of hot ash that fall off every so often.

Photo by Roger Kisby


Well, I'm back. It's been a busy two weeks, but here we go again... currently in Kansas City, but still blogging as if I were still in Cali. I'll get caught up, I'll get caught up. As promised, here are the first two selects from the shoot with Roger out in the desert. You know what I appreciate Roger? He takes a pretty solid butt picture.

Next up? A few of Shasta's frames.

Photos by Roger Kisby

Yours Truly/Salton Sea/California/5.1.12