Saturday, April 23, 2011



Your Phillipines excursion with a film company sounds like a good plan...better that than schumucking away at some terrible newspaper someplace. The acting business and the photojournaIism business are more and more alike, lately...barriers to entry to both are increasingly low, so the fields are hopelessly overcrowded, leaving only a tiny minority of the super-motivated that will ever make it. I'd steer more toward commercial/portrait photography if I were you; photojournalism lately requires a massive commitment, too much, really, for what you get.

When do you leave?




So, how's your trip? You've been there for a bit now, right--how is it? You working yet?

I'm in Greece visiting my aunt and cousins at the moment. My aunt, my father's sister, was born and raised as a peasant in a rural Greek village and fled the horrors of the Greek civil war in the 1940s, and now, at 80, is the matriarch of a extended Greek family in Athens, with her grandchildren in their late 20s all speaking English, working as computer programmers and wearing the latest fashions. Quite a journey Greece has been on these last 50 years.

Don't forget my picture of you with the monkeys* or something. Here's one of me with my hipster Greek cousin, Kosta, in his parents' apartment in Athens--


*Haha, I never got to Bohol to take a photo with the Tarsier monkeys, but ended up with elephants in Thailand, so that's what I later sent Chris in lieu of his requested monkeys.

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