Friday, March 11, 2011


Sadly, no whales, but we caught some pretty active white-beaked dolphins playing around. The best part about these guys was the belly-flop sound they made when they landed. I've seen dolphins in the wild before, but I've never seen them twist and belly flop!

Definitely a time where I would have loved to toss on my scuba gear, as usually, hundreds of dolphins within the pod stay below the surface.

This encounter rivals the time when I was on a ferry heading to Surigao City, Mindinao in the Philippines to begin the Carrera Habagat. Kaloy and I took a late ferry out and just around twilight, I went to the bow of the boat to watch the colors of the horizon change. My eyes lit up when I caught sight of a handful of dolphins riding the wake. It was too dark to photograph, but holy cow was it beautiful.

This time, I'm quite grateful that it was sunny so I could snap a few photos.

Photos taken on 3.9.11.

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