Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Following my day-long bonding session with Jasper, I finally was approaching my last evening in Reykjavik. Tonight was going to be the night of the all-out, fancy-pants dinner. I perused many a menu to finally decide on a place downtown called Einar Ben. I liked Einar Ben because it had both great food and a good story. A noted New York chef, John Mooney, had actually been at the restaurant over the weekend, preparing a special menu for the Food and Fun Festival, as well.

When I arrived at the restaurant, the old house was far too dark to take photos. That or I was just tired of taking photos of food. I ended up with a whale sashimi appetizer and the arctic char for my main course. Sadly, they were out of the skyr mousse with blueberries, so I bailed on dessert.

After dinner, I walked around Einar Benediktsson's home, visiting all the rooms trying to imagine them as a residence rather than a restaurant. My deep conclusion? It would have been a lovely place to live.

My next task was to find a good dessert, but it was quickly aborted in favor of a little night shooting, as you can see above. There was nothing more appropriate for me to do on my last night. A quiet town on a Tuesday night - a stroll through the residential streets you've not yet explored, camera raised only when something catches your eye.

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