Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In moments where I reside on my little cloud of reflection (when I should be editing), with the pristine sound of my speakers taking words and notes of new music to my brain's receptors, I am very grateful for my friends who are indeed out in the world at this very moment meeting amazing people and sharing their stories... as I'm stuck in a euphoric glow of dreams, thoughts and music, rendering me useless to the human world of adventure and productivity.

Or in Brad's case, while he is at a computer, he happens to be editing some footage from and writing for "Gourmet Farmer" - a show all about life, love and food - all the way in Sydney, Australia. In a simple gchat conversation with my dear friend and travel buddy, BH shares the above video still and the following with me:

Brad: So this great Italian/Greek woman (right) cooks this yummy dish as pictured and tells a story about every ingredient and how it relates to love and life.

Brad: And sings a little aria while doing so.

Brad: Anyway so the best story she tells is - her father leaves Italy when he's 8 and returns 45 years later.

Brad: His name is Angelo and after a life in Australia he pops back to Italy and his little old town and knocks on a door where he remembers an old uncle used to live. The door opens, and a silver haired 92-year-old man appears and instantly recognizes him, even though he hadn't seen him since he was a boy.. and says, 'Angelo - come in'

Brad: They sit down and start chatting about things, and the old fella pulls out a salami he has made, and fresh bread he's just baked and wanders down under his house to the cellar. He comes back with a bottle of red wine (that he's also made) and puts it on the table and on the label it reads... 'To be opened on the occasion of Angelo's return'...

Brad: They're just picking up where they left off.

You all have Brad and whatever I ate the past two nights before bed to thank for a break between Bon Jovi show days. Either way, that was absolutely a short little piece of cinematic reality worth sharing.

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