Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As a Pittsburgh girl who cannot keep her body warm to save her life, even I can't believe all of this media nonsense about snowstorms this year. Last year? Yes, last year was bad in the 'burgh, but simply mediocre in New York. Shovels, New York, shovels.

Please don't make me break out my "I survived the blizzard of '93" shirt. I will note, however, that aforementioned survival was by the skin of my seven-year-old teeth, as I fell into a snow hole, butt first, and had to wait for the neighbors and their German Shepherd to come rescue me. True story. A bit of a dramatization, but not by much.

Thanks to Ms. Kelly McStay for the illustration of the day, though I do wish that the older girl addressed the younger, albeit foolish, girl with a tad more courtesy. The only way I'd be truly satisfied with this cartoon is if the third and final speech bubble from the younger girl said:

"Then put on pants and some suitable footwear... Bitch"

Happy February, Everyone!


Eeshie said...

That picture made me crack up. Seriously.

:O I live in New York, too!

And omigosh, I looked at your profile and you are mad pretty! :D

Alli Harvey said...

Thanks Eeshie... prettiness is simply angle, light and if you happened to comb your hair that day, haha.

Thank you for checking out the blog!