Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm writing this post for two reasons:

1. If Prince is in town and you don't know if you should go... GO.
2. If you are invited to Prince's after-party and you don't know if you should go... GO.

"And here's why..."

1. Holy legendary pop/funk sensation! The sequins! The sequins! Your butt will be up and dancing the entire time even if "Little Red Corvette" is the only song you know... but come on, people, you know you know more than that.

2. Prince PLAYS his after-parties. Literally the greatest after-party I've ever been to. Sorry JBJ, but it's tough to beat a tiny venue with about 150 people and the Purple Yoda from Minnesota jamming out all night. Such a nice way to get back into the groove of things after two weeks in the 'Burgh... thannks KC!

To make a spectacular night even better, my favorite Romanian was in from Vienna to shoot Fashion Week! Eddy had never been to New York or Madison Square Garden, so off we went to his first show (Prince, no less) at MSG. And I loovvve doing that. The grand tour! To TP! To the production office! To the dressing room hallway! To catering! And of course, to the show!

Haha and then wouldn't you know it? The lucky devil came to the after-party with me too. That's one hell of an intro to this city, I'll tell you that much...

Photo: Prince after-party invite - 2.7.11

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