Saturday, January 29, 2011

If you've not picked up on it, I've been on a photographic hiatus for a few weeks now and it will probably remain that way until next weekend. So instead of photos, I'll just keep posting some pretty awesome music/articles/words/etc. to continue to amuse both you and me.

The video below is done by Francis and the Lights... If you are going to Coachella, you probably recognize his name as one of the fine-print bands (Thanks Goldenvoice!). We won't go into how I feel about this line-up, because it makes me sad. Anyway, we tried to go see this dude at the CMJs last October, but couldn't get in due to the overwhelming line fondly associated with any CMJ buzz show. I mean, my press badge didn't even help. Haha, I say that like it means something.

So thank you to Jenny B for the heads-up on him however many months ago and please enjoy this single-take live performance edited with light.

It's pretty neat.

P.S. - If you like what you just saw and you need some new tunes to jam out to at your office or whilst you mop your kitchen floor, check out this 40-minute live set of more Francis and the Lights.

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