Monday, February 01, 2010

When I refer to this "side-by-side" shooting, what I mean is one's compatibility in shooting next to another dude/dudette with a camera. Sometimes it's a major fail and sometimes the dynamic takes some time to grow - almost never is it an immediate success. Generally fearing the worst in this realm of professional observation, I've only tried this a few times - John being my 4th, I believe. What frustrates me the most about it is conversation, because it's the best part about it too. You don't want that person to stop talking, but you swap the facts you should be collecting for his/her thoughts. A fair trade, I suppose, but then the writer (me) looks like an asshole. Honestly, I wish I had three more ports in my brain to process all of the information to take a photo of something you know nothing about in a place you know nothing about. You are all at once trying to digest your thoughts, your technical decisions, your buddy's thoughts, your collected information of subject and worst of all, your stupid back-burner brain that loves to heat itself up from time to time.

Like every good relationship - and I consider my photo partnerships to be very important relationships - usually all it takes is time and a desire to watch how someone else is seeing the world in the exact place and at the exact moment you are. If you think about it, it's a completely awesome experience. Just takes some Effort. Capital E, my friends.

So here we have another photo about which I know nothing. Yes, yes, of course I'm annoyed, but not really in a bad way. All I know is there are some sharp lines, some high contrast, a nice moon and a solid conversation all in this photo.

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twomix said...

This is the Oratory, yes? Fabulous western vista from the observation balcony as the winter sun sets.