Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Held in the Park Avenue Armory, the Y3 show was probably one of the coolest shows all week. Give me fashion. Give me history. Give me music. Give me lasers.

Yes, that's right, lasers.

While I was too mesmerized to take what I would consider a good photo of the lasers, let me give you kids a bit of info.

First of all, you have to understand the space. I mean, it's an armory for goodness sake. Built between 1877 and 1881 by architect Charles Clinton, the 55,000 square feet you see was used as a drill hall for the 7th New York Militia Regiment. While it's one of the only places left in New York where you can find such vast, unobstructed space, the Armory in its entirety spans a city block - between 66th and 67th and between Park Ave. and Lexington Ave.

Secondly, with the beginning of each look segment, the runway of light was encased in three lasers, creating a three-dimensional frame. With restricted areas all around the floor, each laser cut across the space to meet its set point within the figure. And you guessed it, a 3-D frame in a space that huge looks awesome. Larger than life models all the sudden became a small and unique piece inside the borders. To be totally honest, the fashion was my least favorite part of this whole experience.

Did I mention designer Yōji Yamamoto chose some Paul Simon tunes to send his fashions down the runway? Oh and that there was a choreographed martial arts performance piece between looks? Yōji kicks the crap out of some model, some other model comes and kicks the crap out of Yōji, then the fashion show resumes. Oh God was this chick stoked.

Why can't all designers be this cool?

Top photo: First piece of the show.
Bottom photo: Open drill hall in the Armory (i.e. space without fashion show), photo courtesy of

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