Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ok! It's -8 outside, but gee-golly, that sun is a-shining!! What a great day to ski with your camera! All right, let's try a few lift shots. Poles secure under thigh, one glove alllmost offf and HOLY CRAP I can't feel my hand. Whatever. Onward! Unzip camera bag, adhere naked hand to camera body, wrap Nikon strap around wrist multiple times, expecting the unexpected, and frame shot! Snappy snap snap snap snap.

Wedge camera out of unsheathed hand, recognize lack of response from stiff fingers, calmly panic, pray to God your glove is still in lap (success!), wiggle glove back onto frozen digits, fumble camera back into bag with mobile hand, zip up bag,

decide not to do that again.

Photo: Looking west on the north side of mountain from ski lift.

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