Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sometimes, Kids, you've just got to get up and go. And sometimes the catalyst that pushes you out the door comes in the form of a morning text message from a fellow globe-trotting friend.

On Wednesday, October 17th:

Justin: Wanna go to Puerto Rico this weekend? Fiiiine. Hawaii.
Me: Yes!
Justin: K! Thurs-Sun?
Me: Super
Justin: Ever been?
Me: Nope! Not to either! What's the occasion?
Justin: Who says we need an occasion? I just want to go somewhere new, and I don't have anywhere I need to be until Monday.
Me: Touche! Hawaii is a bit far, no? For such a short escapade?
Justin: Yes, I think PR is the better bet. Trying to decide if I should bring my 7D or not...
Me: I'm going to bring mine. I'm also considering packing in my purse. Swimsuit and camera.
Justin: Like, that's all you're bringing?
Me: I don't know, it seemed cinematic. I could also be drunk when I show up at the airport.
Justin: Hahaha. Love it. Want me to check you in and print your boarding pass?
Me: Sure dude.
Justin: "Would you like to standby for an upgrade to business elite on the following flight?"
Me: Ummm yes
Justin: I clicked "Never ask me this again"... I don't know why they'd offer that choice...
Me: If you clicked "Never ask me again," I will punch you in the dick as soon as I see you.
Justin: ...wait, promise? THAT'S NOT A REAL OPTION.
Justin: I said yes!

And so we went to Puerto Rico the morning of October 18th... one of us was upgraded to first class. Normally, I would have offered it to my travel companion, but as predicted I was DOA - Drunk on Arrival. (Thanks, Jeff Snider).

Hotel Room/Da House/Old San Juan, PR/10.18.12