Sunday, December 09, 2012

Saturday, the 20th. Our day to get in a rental car and just drive. Beach to jungle and whatever came our way in-between. I'd say we, hands-down, experienced our worst meal on this adventure, but sometimes that happens. Roadside meat stands are for sure a hit or miss endeavor. Would you like your food poisoning with a side of sweet mango smoothie? Just kidding, no one got poisoned, but it was indeed terrible. Let's see... what else happened in-between? Hammock naps. Short tours of small towns. A rainbow (below). A vanishing hotel. This picture of Justin looking off into the distance (perhaps trying to locate said vanishing hotel) with a camera in hand.



Justinsbackpocket said...

One day I'm going to name a villain in a screenplay 'Street Meat' after that travesty of a meal.

Alli Harvey said...

Hahaha. Right at this present moment, I really needed that laugh. Thanks, Jus.

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