Monday, December 17, 2012

Haven't seen this kind of a line-up since we did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show at MSG back in 2009. Very excited to say that 121212 was the first time I have ever seen Clapton play. He was supposed to have played in 2009 as well, but ended up having some kind of ailment/surgery... don't quite recall. He was replaced by Jeff Beck, which had my opinion been asked, I would have agreed it was an excellent choice. Duh.

Aside from finally hearing Clapton live, my two other highlights were, first and foremost:
Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder on "Comfortably Numb"  
Followed by: Chris Martin and Michael Stipe reviving "Losing My Religion"

Of the seventy-two hours dedicated to this show, a max of ten hours were spent sleeping. Leaving the Garden at 5:30AM on the morning of December 13th, I got back to Brooklyn at 7:00AM, only to shower, cat nap and head on out to New Jersey for the second of three US dates for the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour.

Life could be worse. Necessary eight hours of sleep, my butt.

In the words of Thom Yorke (or what I can only assume to be Thom Yorke as I pulled this quote from the Radiohead site years ago):

Zip up, belt up, keep up.

121212 Show Run-Down/Production Office/Madison Square Garden/12.12.12