Monday, December 10, 2012

From the beach to the jungle. A solid day in topography AND ecosystems, if I don't say so myself. Science!

Mayyybe one of my favorite photos from Puerto Rico. Noticed this guy hanging out when I was trying to get some arty texture shot of moss and other freeloading vegetation. This? Way cooler.

Just a few jungle notes: 

1. The "highway" does not, I repeat, does not run all the way through the jungle as most maps would indicate. 

2. Definitely, definitely hike.

3. I am happy to report that there were zero snake sightings on this trip.

Once out of the jungle we made our way back to San Juan for a cold glass of Ron del Barrilito on the rocks (Rum on the rocks? Yes, folks, it's that delicious) and the best ceviche of my life at a Peruvian joint called Lima. Restaurant recommended by Jennifer Bilec and now me. 

Read: Eat There.

Annnyway, we had one more half day in sunny Puerto Rico before boarding our flight back to New York. For the most part, I put the camera away and just enjoyed the sun and the surf. If I'm not mistaken, a few more excellent life decisions were made on that beach as well, but more on that adventure to come...