Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Out of all the pro athletes and serious golfers that were in attendance, would you believe that Mark Recchi's 10-year-old son was consistently the best one on the green?

He instantly sunk the qualifying 25-foot putt, came five inches from the 30-foot putt to be the only one to win the chance to putt for $10,000 and only missed that 50-footer by just a little bit. I mean, let's be fair, people... he is Mark Recchi's son. That whole ball-in-hole/puck-in-net thing's gotta be hereditary.

Photo: A Nevillewood golf pro advises Cameron Recchi on putting the 50-footer as dad, former Penguin Mark Recchi, watches during the Lupus Challenge at Nevillewood in Pittsburgh, PA on 7.18.11.

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