Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love this photo so much that I'm not even going to post any of the other ones.

This shot was taken by the 2nd stage at the back of the floor and really, it happened to be a right place, right time, no other choice moment. As it goes with most photos, the photo behind the photo might be the best part of the photo.

I was weaving back through the floor seats to my office when I was stopped, along with many other kids, by a line of security guards with ropes in front of a small stage with a big white tree. Now, I knew that this would happen at some point in the show, but being that it was my first Taylor show, I didn't know exactly when.

Before I knew what to do, I was flooded with tweens. So many tweens that escape was improbable, if not impossible. About five minutes later, Taylor comes running along the rope path from the main stage. The sound around me was indescribable - some of the pitches so shrill that I imagine only a dog could hear them.

I took about 50 shots (photos, people, photos) throughout the first song and in fear of crushing a multitude of little girl dreams, all 5'7 of me stepped out of the way to watch my spot fill in and disappear like a hole in the sand on the tide line of a beach.

It was as if I had never even been standing there.

Taylor played a few more songs as I headed house right to duck under the far corner of the rope path to make my way back toward the tunnel to my office. As I walked, I flipped through the first ten frames and didn't need to flip any further. I saw the above photo and forgot about the rest of the frames.

Taylor Swift/Lincoln Financial Field/Philadelphia, PA/8.6.11

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Shasta said...

i want to see the other ones, though!