Thursday, May 26, 2011

A visit to the Hyland/Kingson residence in Charlotte, NC, the home of two of my dearest friends, made me start to reconsider the way I think about a handful of things. Jim, Charles (that dashing specimen of a pooch) and I went for a walk in their beautiful, tree-lined suburban neighborhood one sunny afternoon and it was tough not to wonder how life would be had I made a few different choices along the way. I had an adorable dog on the leash and a charming, kind, tall gent walking with me through blocks of historic homes, greenery and fresh air.

Frankly, I was quite taken aback that I enjoyed the scenario as much as I did. The only thing that was missing? My horse farm in Montana.

But where's Johanna, you ask? She was in the kitchen making the most delicious banana bread known to man and I thank her immensely for letting me borrow Jim and Charley, as a mock boyfriend and pet, to give me a little perspective on a lifestyle that I've been intentionally ignoring.

Jim and Charley/Charlotte, NC/5.1.2011


Jeff said...

Come back to Pittsburgh...there is more firewood here than in Montana.

FRANKO said...

At the same time, Johanna and I were having a conversation that made me ponder the exact same things. Thanks for bringing them all into my life. Charlie's a good listener.

Alli Harvey said...

M and Jeff, smiles to both of you. With Jim being a Pittsburgh kid and Jo having one of the biggest hearts on the planet, there was a lot of Pittsburgh love in their home those two days.

par·al·lel said...

Intentionally ignoring something that sounds so pleasant. Why?