Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's quite remarkable, but there still is a possibility this stunning piece of historic architecture can be salvaged. To me, this is really quite exciting - almost unbelievable, but still exciting, no less. It's going to cost (as an estimate) somewhere between $80 and $300 million to complete this process, but plans are moving forward to restore both the roof and the windows.

One of the most interesting parts was seeing this building before any of these decisions were officially made. An immediate nostalgia... for something you've never experienced, and that you suspect... will never experience. Imagine Grand Central Station, completely abandoned and dilapidated. What would you feel - for what one generation created and another left to ruin?

We didn't go into the station this time around, but the next time I'm in Detroit, that is a must. Harder to not get caught, but certainly worth it. Heck! I'm sure Aaron knows someone at one of these architectural firms hired to begin work, haha.

Michigan Central Station/Detroit, Michigan/4.13.11

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