Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roger wanted to do a photo shoot* and I wanted Roger to have some of my patty melt.

Truth be told, we were back in this weird part of the world to take some photos. Because Bourdain and my good buddy Andrew Sharp had recommended the Ski Inn, we made it our pre-location destination for planning and lunch... that turned into a location.

If a photographer should know anything about me being on the other side of the camera, it's that you should never use food as props. You have approximately twelve frames before that prop is gone.

*My dear friend Shasta Cross also made the trek from Los Angeles to hang in the desert and was also a part of this shoot - as you will definitely see. I cropped her snarfing a fry out of this shot (even though I didn't want to) because she would have punched me in the face... from L.A... had I not.


Photo by Roger Kisby.


Shasta said...
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Shasta said...

HAHA! True story! In... the face! :)

Anonymous said...

the last thing a sandwich ever feels is the loving, warm, deathly embrace of alli's giant spider claw praying mantis hands.


Alli Harvey said...

hahahahaha, just know that the sandwich is always loved.