Friday, May 11, 2012

A few weeks ago, I was working from our house in La Quinta, California and Jason Aldean's "Dirt Road Anthem" shuffled its way into my Shure in-ears. There are songs that for better or for worse, allow you to replay the best moments in your life. Sometimes those moments really are just moments, but the pitch or poetry of a singer's voice, or the particular vibrations of a bass line leave you in that sliver of time. Once a memory is attached to a song, it's rare that another thought will ever supersede the original. Cue my association with the entire Bon Jovi catalogue. The music is ridiculous, but the people and the places I attach to that collection of songs put me in a good place.

But back to Mr. Aldean here. As the song played in California, I remembered just how happy I was sitting on a pontoon boat in the middle of Canadohta Lake in Pennsylvania with my family - family, most certainly including Kira and the Larotonda clan. I stopped working just to listen to the rest of the song. To think about camp fires, baseball on the radio, fishing, stargazing and being with the only people in the world who have been there since the beginning. That those people are still in your life, is pretty incredible.

I immediately emailed Kira after the tune was over, just to say hello and that I missed her. Music was the catalyst for an emotion that inspired an action that created a resolution. Regardless of my summer tour schedule now or in the future, I will not miss our weekend at Canadohta Lake.

Jason Aldean/Stagecoach/Indio, California/4.27.12

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