Saturday, March 24, 2012

While we didn't try the Turkish coffee that Starbucks had to offer, we did try a fine Turkish apertif called Raki with our dinner in Taksim. The anise-flavored national drink is often served with chilled water, either mixed or on the side, and is similar to Ouzo. I wasn't such a fan, but it was a delight to pair it with some fried hamsi - anchovies that are specific to the Black Sea. No, anchovies aren't my favorite either, but when in Istanbul!

I tried to pull an Iceland and buy 10 bottles at the airport duty-free shop on my way out, but forgot that a nine-hour layover in Amsterdam was going to foil my booze-purchasing plan. Amsterdam, however, facilitated my space-cake-purchasing plan... more on that later.



Anonymous said...

I don't know what a space cake is, but it makes me think of the AT&T 4G commercial about people in an office where someone gets a going-away or birthday cake, and screams, in the most enthusiastic way possible: "FACE CAKE!!!" And I fall off the couch laughing when I see it, every time. So I hope it's something like that.


Alli Harvey said...

Hahaha yes, falling off things and laughing has a lot to do with the consumption of space cakes, Kell. Totally the same boat... or at least parallel boats.