Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eating at Asitane was an absolute must-do for me. Another No Reservations find, Asitane's menu is based off the cuisine served in Ottoman palaces. Give me history, give me food.

This tasty bite above is a stuffed quince. There are two questions that should follow that statement.

1. What is a quince?
2. What's inside?

Answer one: Don't quote me, but... an Asian cross between an apple and a pear... closer to a pear.
Answer two: In this case, "a blend of lamb and beef, rice, aromatic herbs, pine nuts and currants flavored with grape molasses."

Aside from its deliciousness, the best part? The recipe dates back to 1539!

Other things we tried:

Almond soup (1539): flavored with grated nutmeg and a drizzle of pomegranate.
Terine soup: chestnuts, dried yogurt, red pepper paste and mint.
Lamb shank with spinach marmarina (1764): roasted and braised, served on creamed spinach in a pastry bowl.
Sea bass biryan (XV): roasted, stuffed with walnuts and spices with a saffron rose water dressing


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