Monday, August 20, 2012

Pensive, thoughtful Evan.

Perhaps he's thinking about his friend's (me) rather impromptu decision to cancel her early morning flight back to New York the night before to hang with him and his sis all day on a La Jolla beach. Did I know that I'd be able to get on another flight or what it would cost? Nope - but it didn't really matter. Like I said below, it was the perfect Cali day.

And just in case you were wondering, I made a non-stop flight to JFK (instead of my previous connecting flight) that evening for a small fee of $50.00. Does it always happen that way?

La Jolla, CA/7.16.12


Tiffany Tseng said...

Spontaneity, win. Meeting and working with you this year made it my favorite year of working Comic-Con. And it goes without saying that Monday was amazing, definitely a perfect end to the crazy, hectic weekend.
SD misses you, I miss you, come back soon!

Alli Harvey said...

Total win, Tiff. So happy we met and got to be such fast friends. Pleeease plan that trip to NY soon! I miss you too!

Evan said...

You two better not become friends.