Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Part Two!

Somewhere in-between part one and part two, my Ray Bans were snatched off the Santa Monica Pier, most likely, by some punk LA dummy (please see McClellan's comment on the Hollywood photo a few posts below). Totally my fault, totally my fault, but during the time of the crime, I snapped that lovely photo of Shas with her flowers, so I suppose all's well*. I will say, however, that the 25 frames immediately after the theft will never see the light of day. Let's just say, I was a little angry. Anger + engagement photos = not really the right vibe.

Almost immediately after we changed locations, some dude came up to me with gold Ray Ban aviators and asked if I could take a photo of him on the pier. Under usual circumstances, the answer would have been yes, but instead, I just awkwardly stared at his sunglasses for at least 25 seconds before he said, "You can just say no."

So I rudely (and still bitterly) said no. Upon realizing that everyone in LA probably has gold Ray Ban aviators (which immediately made me hate myself), I felt really bad.

Anyway, we moved part two below the pier and I got back into the groove abbbouuuut here. Beautiful light often helps one's attitude.

*Nope, I'm still an idiot for setting them down.

Santa Monica/California/5.2012


Anonymous said...

Totally valid to be upset. FYI, if you are in the market for new sunnies, nothing compares to the Ray-Ban glass lenses. THAT SAID, they are heavy as sin and likely to fall off your face into the sea. If you can believe it, Toms (yes, the goofy philanthro-shoe company) makes legit nice (plastic lens) polarized shades that are ~$50 less than the Ray-Bans. They have aviators with a nice teardrop, too!

-your friend who is never un-shaded

Alli Harvey said...

Lovvvvve. Thanks, dude!