Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hola, Hollywood.

I didn't really miss you at all.



John F McClellan said...

When I saw this I thought of a conversation you may have at some point:
LA Dummy: Sweet fotog brah! Is that like an instagram, what filter did you use?
You: Its not and the filter is called Smog.
LA Dummy: Bro, dude. That is a sweet filter.
You: *Sigh*
LA Dummy: (Starts to pull out iphone) Yeah I take some pretty epic ones myself, all my friends say I should start selling them but its more about my creative feelings you know...*continues to spout more stupid stuff then gets hit by bus that can't slow down under 55mph with Keanu Reeves on it.

Alli Harvey said...

hahaha... I heart this hypothetical. I also heart using hypothetical as a noun.