Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Two hours after the Bonnaroo staff party ended, I found myself passed out in a van on my way back to the Nashville International Airport. Don't worry, this time I knew who was driving the van. But yes, I was so assuredly passed out that the driver had to kindly shake me awake when we arrived at the terminal.

Next stop? Philadelphia for the Kenny Chesney build at Lincoln Financial Field. Got right off the plane and headed straight to the venue. Always fun!

While I didn't shoot much at all, I have a few photos that will make their way to the blog.

Zac Brown/Lincoln Financial Field/Philadelphia, PA/6.18.11


Aaron said...

you didn't look tired at all when I got you from the airport. :-p

Alli Harvey said...

lol, I'm pretty sure I was uncharacteristically annoyed that I had to go straight to site.

Aaron said...

ok so maybe you were a little crabby, but it was still great to see you. When can we do it again?