Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The man, the myth, the legend, ladies and gentlemen... the Captain.

One of my dad's best friends since junior high, Dave Larotonda absolutely makes it onto most everyone's Apocalypse Survival Team. My dad and I've decided that of all the close family friends and family members, the lawyer and the photographer who knows how to load in and load out rock shows are probably not high on anyone's list - although... we do make a great management team. Keep that in mind, people.

There are stories for days about the Captain, most of which are best told with a beer in hand 'round a campfire.



jharv said...

A counselor to the Captain, allow me commend you for keeping him in silouette and being discrete about the stories. We have to earn a living until our need to form a survival team becomes acute.

jharv said...


jharv said...

Crap, why can't I learn to hit "preview" instead of "publish"