Friday, June 17, 2011

Take this circus, take the drama
'Cause, Baby it's just, it's worthless
This modern love is not enough...

Originally, I had a three-day gig booked in New York for the third week of May, but when my dear friend and colleague Ayappa called to see if I could shoot Matt Nathanson's industry listening party for his new album, Modern Love, on a rooftop on Fifth Avenue, I quickly replaced myself on the old gig and cleared my schedule for the new. I was super stoked to see both Ayappa and Matt again annnnd to shoot on a rooftop, so I was bummed to hear that, due to rain, we were going to be moved inside the EMI offices for the event.

But despite the weather, Matt and Ayappa were just lovely as always.

Really quick: check out the conversation going on in the top photo.

Matt Nathanson/EMI Records/New York, NY/5.18.11

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