Saturday, June 18, 2011

After we dropped my bags at Ben's place just outside of Nashville, we needed to decide where our 24-hour photo/food/fun adventure would begin. Being Brad Paisley's tour photographer, Ben was more than game to put up with my silly photography antics. Right around the corner from his humble abode sits a large plantation that Ben had really never explored called the Belle Meade Plantation. Hearing they had horses, history and wine, of course this looked like a fantastic starting point to me.

How cool is it that the bloodline of many champion horses can be traced back to this plantation? To name only a few, some of the champs include Bonnie Scotland (a resident horse), Secretariat, Seabiscuit, War Admiral and Barbaro.

Belle Meade Plantation/Nashville, TN/6.7.11


FRANKO said...

Barbero....:(. So I found a 126-acre horse farm for sale while driving around the Laurel Highlands last Saturday. It looks sweet.

Alli Harvey said...

Dreams and aspirations, Franko, dreams and aspirations...

One day I shall have my horse farm!