Friday, December 24, 2010

I asked a boy whom I dated once, "When does one get tired of this?"

"Of what?"

"I don't know, of this..."

While it was a serious, yet quizzical moment in my later college years, pondering love and its aftereffects, I find I'm now asked the same question about work. For as hopeless a romantic as I unfortunately am, I find myself never curious of impending familiarity, as there's never a chance to sit at the same table, let alone use the same dishware.

It's very similar to a roll of film, really - never the same frame - unless you are getting artsy with overlays and multiple exposures. But that analogy is for another time and another place.

So whether the question at hand is being asked of love or of work, I suppose my answers are, for better or for worse, very similar. Haha, fascinating, eh? A balancing act of epic proportions, for sure.

DMB/Madison Square Garden/New York, NY/12.13.10

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