Tuesday, February 03, 2015

New adventures on the horizon, folks. After two years of not posting, I will be starting a blog in association with my new website. Please visit www.alliharvey.com within the coming weeks for the latest stories and images. Thank you to anyone and everyone who read and/or was a part of this chapter once upon a time.


Forcadelta5 said...

I found that Portugal is in fact the most racist place on earth; especially toward African blacks! It's as if they have never seen a black person before and the Portugee culture is not only backwards (as if you steped in a time machine and went to the year 1899) but the citizens where exceptionally ignorant. It was as if you were talking to a wall rather than a human being. The Portugee also seemed
to be trapped in another dimension of space and time because they kept on talking and mumbling about the past rather than the present...it was pretty funny actually. I found this website that offers a Dr.'s opinion about the racism in Portugal and why the xenophobic culture is not just promoted within
but exported as well to everywhere else they may be living. Strange since i've never heard of racism being described that way before?? Portugal seem to be experts in racism, especially in Canada and the U.S.



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