Sunday, April 01, 2012

Again, a situation where you point and eat. Shame on me for having no idea what this is (Hakan? Help, please?), because it was one of my favorite things. Layer upon layer of thin sheets of noodle/pastry held together with butter? Cream? Cheese? All of the above?

If I find out that kaymak was involved, I will get on a plane and fly back to Turkey immediately.

Hafiz Mustafa*/Istanbul/Turkey/2.27.12

*I'd just like to point out that Hafiz Mustafa was established in 1864. Kudos to them, but considering it's Istanbul, 1864 doesn't seem all that impressive.

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Hakan Artar said...

This is not kaymak as far as I know. Mainly cheese and butter!! But, it shouldn't stop you from coming over!!!