Monday, November 14, 2011

The drive back from Falling Water in Mill Run, PA may have been one of my favorite parts of my Pennsylvanian fall day with my mom. We happened to hit the Summit Inn Resort* in Farmington, just as the sun was setting over the rolling hills.

Perfect... except for the fact that due to construction, we couldn't figure out where to turn off to get to the resort - thus, sending us down to the base of Summit Mountain. Fortunately, by the time we drove back to the top, this was the scene that awaited us.

With the levels of light so even, the warm colors of the sky over the cool tones of the hills looked like strokes of a painter's brush. A moment where truly, the camera falls inferior to the sensory detail of the human eye.

In the years I've been shooting, I've never printed or framed a photo for my personal use, but this one I just might.

*Fantastic place, a ton of history, must go back.



FRANKO said...

This might be the first time I ask you for a print of something! :)

Alli Harvey said...

Haha, M, you know you can always ask! What size? :)