Friday, September 16, 2011



Joel said...

Rich and elegant little Miss Harvey. I was wondering when you would shoot some flowers. Your August shots of flora...alright, yet these are the bomb. Fall is here. I'd like to see how your eye captures those colors. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful blog on death (Sept. 18). Yet I don't agree with your assessment on death and comfort in science. I agree, the practices of religion don't comfort me either. Comfort and peace come from knowing the truth, not ceremonial religious activity of any brand or taste. I believe this thoughtful blog entry is one of your more, if not the most life-significant pondering-s thus far. Ponder more please. Your honest thoughts are refreshing. Who questions life and death these days? An accurately defined worldview must account for a great deal more than science. Ponder beyond science. However will you discover the "Universe Next Door"(James Sire)?

Enjoy your blog and photos. Lost my Canon in Cozumel this summer. Sprung a leak in my Ikelite housing 60 feet under.

Be Well...

Alli Harvey said...

Joel, my mom's flowers truly have been outstanding this year. I do find myself returning to them each time I come home. Who knew!

As far as that entry goes, I suppose that's what happens when you debate ideas such as death with yourself. You contradict a lot and are unsure of a lot, so writing about it can be tough.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. So very sorry to hear about the camera... perhaps it's time to switch to a Nikon? Haha!